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Bamboo raft tour

Relaxing experience towards the discovery of the ancient aqueduct in the lake whose your community guide would tell the legends about

Traditional lunch

A hand-made traditional lunch in a local family house, where you can taste a frangipani tempura and other delicacies from the shan, intha and pa-o cuisine

Canoe tour

A tour in traditional canoes, where your one-leg rowing pilot would lead you to navigate between the floating pagodas

Heritage Walking Tours

Walking heritage tours with live and interactive workshops

Multi-Ethnic Food Experience

The multi-ethnic food experience, especially suitable for groups, where in an elegant and authentic buffet station, you can enjoy all the local ethnic cuisines at once

Samkar Kham community lodge

Accommodation in traditional bamboo lodge after a long day of touring with exotic garden area and cozy hall

Community restaurant

Dining service in the restaurant where traditional dishes are carefully prepared by CBT cooks

Please note our experiences are offered in package tours of haf-day, full day, 2 days/1 night or more.

Every tour benefits the people involved and local community.

For more information please contact us or your travel agent.

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Samkar Lake CBT works with national and international Tour Operators. Please check with your Tour Operator that offers tours to Samkar Lake CBT.

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