Samkar Lake CBT

Samkar Lake CBT

Samkar Lake CBT was born under the project EPIC (Economic Promotion of Inle Communities Through Cultural and Natural Heritage Valorization- AICS AID 10937) funded by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

ICEI, leading organization, together with local partners Inle Speaks and Dear Myanmar cooperated with the communities of Samkar Lake area to develop CBT activities.

ICEI facilitated the creation of Committees and provided extensive training to service providers and it organized capacity building and awareness raising session on responsible tourism.

Samkar Lake CBT involves members of 3 ethnic groups, Shan, Pa-O and Intha.

Today the CBT counts 3 villages on the shores of Samkar lake, 35 miles south of the world-famous Inle lake: Samkar, Tha Yar Khone and Khone Tar.

There are CBT Committees in each village, who take strategic decisions, and groups of service providers as cooks, pilots and community guides, who take care of  the guests.

“Samkar” in the local language is the frangipani flower, which is the symbol of this village and community guides would be happy to lead guests around to share about the ancient history and legends of this lake and its people.

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You would find relevant contents about the cultural, natural, religious and living heritage and when you are on site, use the function of Augmented Reality to get information of what you see around!


Please be aware the community guides offer the tours in Burmese therefore, for international travelers, an English speaking professional tour guide would be provided by the tour operator or travel agency.

Samkar Lake CBT is committed to reduce plastic waste, therefore guests are kindly invited to keep their own water bottles, you would find water refill stations in CBT villages!

Please keep in mind that CBT members are not tourism professionals. To welcome you in the best way they are happy to start prepare at least 1 day in advance, therefore we are sure you would understand CBT cancellation policy!

how to get to CBT

Samkar Lake CBT is located about 35 miles south of Inle lake.
Please check with your Tour Operator or travel agency the packages which include transfer and English speaking professional tour guides.

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